Young Coconut - Green Coconut

Have your ever seen Green coloured coconuts? They are the young coconuts, also known as ma-parao orn. These young coconuts are shaped in an ivory shell. The green coconuts are different from the brown coconuts as they are harvested directly from the tree before they are aged and matured to drop. These coconuts are usually picked after 7 months. The Young coconut is soft jelly-like meat and fresh juice inside of it. The soft meat has a sweet flavour and it can be eaten raw.


The Yong Coconuts

The young coconuts are high in nutrition and are a great source of calcium, carbohydrates, iron, and dietary fibre. In addition, the water or milk inside the meat is itself a high source of electrolytes. In fact, these coconuts have less meat and are known for having more water. Since these coconuts are young, they contain fewer calories than the old coconuts. The young coconut meat usually contains about 140 calories and the coconut water contains 18 calories. The young coconut has immense benefits and uses and mostly it is cherished for its water.


The electrolytes in the young coconut water are responsible for keeping the body hydrated. Thus, in summers the coconut water is ideal to keep yourself fresh and hydrated. The people who suffer from diarrhoea can also drink coconut water to replace the water that has been lost. Drinking Coconut water from young coconut also helps reduce metabolic syndrome (heart diseases).


The Green Coconut

Both the green coconut meat and coconut water are a rich source of antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce inflammation in the body and prevent oxidative damage in the cells of the body. The nutrients in these young coconuts support the body’s natural antioxidant defence system. Among these nutrients are zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium. A young coconut can be enjoyed as it has almost 11 ounces of refreshing sweet coconut water. The meat is tender and it can be eaten raw. To check the green coconut’s water, shake it and you will hear a bit of sound. The less sound you hear, the more full it is with water.


Flovouring For Meals

Apart from drinking, coconut water can be added to foods to enhance their flavor. The coconut meat is often crushed and used in sweets and it is also used for decorating the desserts. People also enjoy the jelly from a young coconut. As you know by now, green coconut is super beneficial for you and those around you. You must consume it in a moderate amount and include it into your daily diet. Eat and drink coconuts to stay healthy, fresh and fit!