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T&L Coconut Sdn Bhd is a coconut supplier in Malaysia that is well-known for their consistency in providing good quality coconuts all year round. Besides supplying high-quality coconuts, we are also known for our skills in terms of designing the coconut. Our well-cut coconuts come in various shapes and sizes, showcasing the creativity of the team behind T&L Coconut.

Customers order from us because the freshness of our coconuts is guaranteed, and their designs are unique and creative. At the moment, T&L offers 8 types of designs for the cutting of the coconut. Besides supplying coconuts, T&L also produces coconut jelly and coconut pudding that are delicious yet healthy.
T&L supplies coconuts to local markets, but we export to other countries as well. In the local market, we usually supply to wholesalers, restaurants, supermarkets, and roadside stalls.
The team of people behind T&L has been in the coconut industry for more than 20 years, even before T&L Coconut Sdn Bhd was formed. We started being the leading fresh coconut supplier in Kuala Lumpur. Since 1994, we have begun to collaborate with United Plantations, and together, our coconut plantation now covers an area of more than 10,000 acres in Sabak Bernam. In the upcoming years, we plan to expand the size of our estate and also our business to other regions such as Europe and the Middle East.
Fresh Coconut Supplier Kuala Lumpur


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Mission Icon Mission

Whenever our clients see coconuts, they will think of T&L Coconut.

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To expand our estate and also our business to more countries abroad, exporting coconut to Singapore and worldwide.

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