Coconut Jelly Singapore

Young coconut meat is used to make coconut jelly. The bacterial fermentation of coconut water produces nata de coco, or coconut gel, a chewy, transparent, jelly-like culinary product. Coconut jelly is can be eaten on its own or be used as a topping on ice-creams, ais batu campur (ABC/shaved ice), bubble teas and jellies or puddings.

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We strive to produce and supply fresh and lip-smacking coconut jelly to our customers. We are also one of the leading suppliers of coconut jelly Singapore and Malaysia eateries. To make our coconut jelly look more presentable, our coconut jelly is served in the young coconut shell. Are you starting an eatery and are on the search for a refreshing dessert. Our coconut jelly Singapore will be sure to be a hit among your customers.

coconut jelly singapore