Coconuts Singapore

T & L Coconut Sdn Bhd is also a well-known coconuts Singapore supplier. We are one of the main coconut exporters to Singapore. Our customers are usually wholesalers, restaurants, roadside stalls and supermarkets. We’re trusted by our customers due to the quality and freshness of our products.

We make it a standard operating procedure to check each coconut prior to shipping our products to our clients in Singapore. We are known for our coconut design not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore. T&L Coconut’s well-cut coconuts come in a variety of forms and sizes, reflecting the team’s creativity. We have eight coconut cutting designs so far which our customers can choose from and we make it a point that each cut is unified.

We make sure that the products being transported to Singapore is transported by cold storage trucks to maintain the freshness of the products. With over two decades We strive to provide the freshest and best coconuts Singapore can get.

coconuts Singapore