Coconut Oil

Have you ever had unhealthy, thin, and dried hair? If yes, you are in dire need of coconut oil. Coconut oil is a saturated fatty oil extracted from the meat or nut of the coconut palm. It has a firm texture at room temperature and has a sweet smell, which is pleasant to the nose. It is also known as a superfood. Coconut oil has varying health benefits and some of them are listed as follows:


1. Boost heart health

Coconut Oil has proven to show benefits when it comes to the human heart. As it contains safe fats, it prevents the blocking of arteries. Moreover, a study from a population of Tokelau proved that their people derived 60% of their calories from coconut oil and they were healthy as other people with improved heart health.


2. Burns body fat

The coconut oil contains certain fatty acids that aid in burning the number of calories in your body. However, since it is an oil, it must be used in moderate quantity; otherwise, it will lead to weight gain.


3. Reduces hunger

Since coconut oil contains fats, the fat decreases the need for consuming food as it provides a feeling of fullness and no more food is needed. Thus, coconut oil in foods reduces the need of hunger and as a result, you consume fewer calories.


4. Ideal for healthy skin

When it comes to skincare, coconut oil remains on top. The coconut oil protects the skin from UV rays so you can even apply it instead of a sunscreen when you are going out. Moreover, it can treat dry skin in winters by quickly hydrating it. Hands and skin with Eczema can also be treated with coconut oil as it relieves skin irritation.


5. Nourishment for hair

This is one of the most common benefits. The elements of coconut oil help healthy hair growth. The coconut oil has also proven to grow hair in areas with little or no hair. After a keratin treatment, the oil can also be applied to keep the effects of treatment for a longer time period.


After knowing so many benefits, you might want to know you can make use of it. Well, coconut oil has numerous uses. As mentioned, the coconut oil is nourishment to the hair; thus, it can be applied to the scalp and hair for healthier growth of hair. Moreover, it can be added to foods to enhance their flavour as it can be cooked safely at high temperatures. If your skin is dry, the coconut oil can be used to moisturize the skin and in no time, your skin will appear smooth and soft. The coconut oil can also be added to mayonnaise to make it healthier.


It is always recommended to use coconut oil in moderate quantity when added to foods. Apart from that, it serves as a miracle for hair, skin, and health. Get yourself a bottle of coconut oil and let it do wonders for you!