T&L offers coconuts that are cut into different shapes and sizes to all kinds of customers. We mainly supply to wholesalers, restaurants, supermarkets and roadside stalls.
The coconuts come in 9 different designs and are meant for different purposes. For example, we cut them into a shape that’s tiny and round, called “ball style”, which fits into both hands properly when you hold it up to drink as you walk. Other than that, we have one that is cut into the shape of an ice cream, which we call the “ice cream style”. Vendors can choose to fill it with ice cream before selling it to customers as it is unique and appealing at the same time.
T&L also exports coconuts to countries like China, Singapore, Pakistan and Belgium. Our local and international clients like to work with us because we are consistent in supplying fresh coconuts throughout the year. T&L is looking forward to expand our business to other countries in the near future.